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Voting in Guam

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Am I Eligible To Vote in Guam?

Voter Registration Options in Guam

You have the following 2 options to register to vote in Guam:

In Person

You may register to vote by completing an Affidavit of Registration at the Guam Election Commission at any time of the calendar year;

Click here to get the address and phone number for the board of registrars office in your county


You can register online

Click here to Register Online

How Do I Know I'm Registered?

  • Consider yourself registered when- and only when- you receive an acknowledgment from your county clerk.
  • Never assume you are registered to vote until you have received this acknowledgment.
  • Call your county clerk and inquire about the status of your application.
  • Call your voter registration status

Voting Options in Guam

You have the following 2 options to vote in Guam:

In Person

Any voter who will be prevented from voting at the polls on election day

Click here to locate voting locations

Voting By Absentee Ballot

Any qualified voter of the territory of Guam may vote at any election by absentee ballot if he will be prevented from personally going to the polls

Click here to download the absentee ballot request Form

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