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Kentucky Voting Quick Facts

Who Can Register to vote in Kentucky

To register to vote in the State of Kentucky, an individual must meet the following qualifications:

  • You are a United States citizen;
  • Must be a resident of Kentucky not less than 28 days before the election.
  • Must be at least 18 years old or will be 18 by the date of the next general election.
  • Not be a convicted felon (or, if so, have civil rights restored)
  • Not have been judged mentally incompetent in a court of law and have voting rights removed.
  • Not claim the right to vote anywhere outside Kentucky.
  • Minors 17 years of age who will become 18 by the November general election are eligible to vote in the prior May primary election only.

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How Do I Register To Vote in Kentucky

Voting At The Polls On Election Day


A sample ballot will be published by the county clerk in the local newspaper at least 7 days before election day. You may also call the county clerk's office and inquire about the elections to be held in your county. The local or state Republican or Democrat party headquarters will also be able to supply you with this information, as well as the Kentucky State Board of Elections' website,

Do I have to produce Identification to vote?

All voters must produce identification or be known by a precinct officer prior to voting. KRS117.227 and 31 KAR 4:010 provide the types of ID that can be used by the voter such as: Personal acquaintance of precinct officer, Driver's license, Social Security card, credit card, or another form of ID containing both picture and signature.

Voter identification required at the poll - Election officers shall confirm the identity of each voter by personal acquaintance or by a document.Acceptable forms of ID include:

  • Driver's license
  • Social Security card
  • Credit card
  • or another form of ID containing both picture and signature

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Who Can Vote in Primary Elections in Kentucky

Both Democrats and Republicans hold Closed Primaries

Only registered voters from participating parties may vote.

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Who Can Vote Absentee in Kentucky

Kentucky registered voters may vote at the precinct on election day or, if eligible, may cast an absentee ballot by mail or in the county clerk’s office prior to election day. Kentucky law does not provide for early voting or unexcused absentee voting.

Mail-In Absentee Ballots

Who is qualified to vote an absentee ballot?

To be qualified to vote by mail-in absentee ballot, you must be:

  • Advanced in age, Disabled, or Ill;
  • Military personnel, their Dependents, or Overseas Citizens (For more information please review the Military and Overseas Page);
  • A student who temporarily resides outside the county;
  • A voter who temporarily resides outside of Kentucky and who maintains eligibility to vote in Kentucky, such as a "snowbird;"
  • Incarcerated, but not yet convicted of a crime; or
  • Employed outside of the county all hours the polling place is open.

How do I request an absentee ballot?

  • You or your spouse, parents, or children may contact your County Clerk to request an absentee ballot application by phone, fax, electronic mail,mail, or in person. The County Clerk will mail you the absentee ballot application or you can get an application in person at the County Clerk’s office. You can either return the completed application by mail or you can hand-deliver it to the County Clerk’s office. Your spouse, parents, or children, or a third party can not hand deliver your completed application to the county clerk.

When can I apply for an absentee ballot?

  • You can request an absentee ballot any time before an election if you know you are eligible to vote absentee. The County Clerk will send you a mail-in absentee ballot within 3 days of the state ballot printing deadline, which is 50 days before the election.

What is the last day I can apply for an absentee ballot?

  • The deadline for applying for a mail-in absentee ballot is 7 days before an election. The completed application must be received by the County Clerk by mail or in person by the 7-day deadline. The absentee ballot must be received in the County Clerk’s office by 6 PM local time on election day for the ballot to be counted.

What if I did not receive my mail-in absentee ballot?

  • If you applied for an absentee ballot and, after a reasonable time, have not received your mail-in ballot, you must contact the County Clerk and ask for a second ballot. The County Board of Elections will only count the first properly returned voted ballot.

What if I find out that I will be in the county on election day and want to vote at my precinct?

  • Any person who has received a mail-in absentee ballot and discovers at least 7 days before the date of the election that he or she will be in the county on election day, and who has not voted the ballot, must cancel his or her ballot by returning it unvoted to the County Clerk’s office. There are no provisions in state law for returning an unvoted ballot less than 7 days before an election or on election day.

What if I need help filling out my ballot?

  • A voter may have assistance because of blindness, physical disability, or the inability to read English. Any person of the voter’s choice may assist the voter, except the voter’s employer or agent of the employer or an officer or agent of the voter’s union. The person assisting the voter must complete the portion of the voter assistance form on the absentee ballot inner envelope provided by the County Clerk. The person assisting the voter must make an oath declaring that the assistor marked the ballot under the directions of the voter requiring assistance.

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What If My Address Has Changed

Update your voter registration if you move.

  • Within the county: notify the county clerk of your new address or update your driver’s license. The county clerk will tell you the location of your new precinct. If you do not do this before Election Day, you must go to the voting precinct for your new address and update your voter registration address.
  • Outside the county more than 28 days before an election: update your voter registration address with the county clerk or update your driver’s license at least 29 days prior to the election. If you do not notify the county clerk in either your old or new county of residence 29 days before an election, you are not eligible to vote in either county
  • Outside the county less than 29 days before the election: you may vote in your previous county of residence, but you must immediately register to vote in your new county of residence.
  • If you change your name, either renew or update your driver’s license,notify the county clerk by writing or visiting his/her office, or fill out a new voter registration card.

College Student

  • At School. You can establish voting residency in Kentucky if you have a present intention to remain at your Kentucky school address for the time being, and if you intend to make it your principal home, though you need not intend to make this address your home permanently or indefinitely.[5] Your residence for voter registration purposes is the place where your habitation is, in other words, wherever you sleep and live can be your residence even if it is not a residential address. Any other interpretation of the residency laws is unconstitutional.

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When Is The Next Election?

Upcoming Elections Calendar - Election dates and deadlines - Check Kentucky upcoming elections schedule

Poll Hours: 6:00 AM-6:00 PM

The polls shall be opened on the day of a primary, special election, or regular election at 6 a.m., prevailing time, and shall remain open until each voter who is waiting in line at the polls at 6 p.m., prevailing time, has voted.

At 6 p.m., prevailing time, if voters are waiting at the polls to vote, the precinct election sheriff shall announce that a voter wishing to vote must immediately get in line. When all voters waiting at the polls at that time are in line, the precinct election sheriff shall then determine which voter is the last in line, and that voter shall be the last voter permitted to vote.

How can I find my polling location?

If you do not know where your polling place is,you can use to obtain information about your precinct location and legislative districts. If you have any issues or questions, please contact your County Clerk

Can I Register At The Polls On Election Day?

NO: Kentucky does not provide Same Day Voter Registration. You must register to vote by the voter registration deadline in order to vote in an election. If you miss the voter registration deadline for an election you should contact your local election office.

Can I Take Time Off For Voting?

Employees may take four hours to vote. Employers may specify which hours the employee can take off.

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