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Voting in Maine

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Am I Eligible To Vote in Maine?

To register to vote in the State of Maine, an individual must meet the following qualifications:
  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Have established and maintain a residence in the municipality where the person intends to register to vote
  • Be at least 17 years of age (must be 18 years old to vote)

Voter Registration Options in Maine

You have the following 2 options to register to vote in Maine:

In Person

You can register to vote at your town office or city hall, through any Motor Vehicle branch office, in most state & federal social service agencies, or at voter registration drives.

Click here to get the address and phone number for the board of registrars office in your county

By Mail

Completed voter registration cards may be hand delivered or mailed to your town office or city hall, or sent to the Secretary of State's Office in Augusta.

Click here to download the Mail-In Voter Registration Form

How Do I Know I'm Registered?

  • Consider yourself registered when- and only when- you receive an acknowledgment from your county clerk.
  • Never assume you are registered to vote until you have received this acknowledgment.
  • Call your county clerk and inquire about the status of your application.

Voting Options in Maine

You have the following 3 options to vote in Maine:

Voting In Person

If you’re not voting for the first time in Maine, you don’t need to provide ID to vote in person.

Click here to locate voting locations

Voting By Absentee Ballot

Absentee voting allows you to cast a ballot without going to a voting place on Election Day.

Click here to download the absentee ballot request Form

Early Voting

In other states, the term early voting is often used to indicate absentee voting; especially when absentee voting is done in person in the office of an election official. However, the Maine Secretary of State considers the term early voting to describe a time period before an election during which voters have the opportunity to cast a ballot at a designated voting place within their municipality, in the same manner as on Election Day.

Click here to locate early voting locations

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