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Voting in South Carolina

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Am I Eligible To Vote in South Carolina?

Who Can Register?
  • be a United States citizen -be at least eighteen years old on or before the next election
  • be a resident of South Carolina, this county and precinct
  • not be under a court order declaring you mentally incompetent
  • not be confined in any public prison resulting from a conviction of a crime
  • have never been convicted of a felony or offense against the election laws OR if previously convicted, have served the entire sentence, including probation or parole, or have received a pardon for the conviction.

In order to vote, South Carolina law requires one must first register to vote at least 30 days prior to the election. To be eligible to register in South Carolina you MUST:

There is no length of residency requirement in South Carolina in order to register to vote. You can register at any time.

ou must be registered at least 30 days prior to any election in order to vote in that election.

Voter Registration Options in South Carolina

You have the following 3 options to register to vote in South Carolina:

In Person

Register in person at your county board of voter registration

Check The Locations Where to Register

By Mail

Download a voter registration form, complete it, and return it to your county board of voter registration by mail, fax, or email

Click here to download the Mail-In Voter Registration Form


complete your Voter Registration online

Click here to Register Online

How Do I Know I'm Registered?

  • Consider yourself registered when- and only when- you receive an acknowledgment from your county clerk.
  • Never assume you are registered to vote until you have received this acknowledgment.
  • Call your county clerk and inquire about the status of your application.
  • Check your voter registration status online by visiting this site

Military and Overseas Citizens

  • Submit a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA). This will both register you to vote (if not already registered) and designate you as a UOCAVA voter.
  • The Electronic Voting Accessibility Tool (see above) will guide you through the process of completing and submitting your FPCA online.
  • You can also get an FPCA from the Federal Voting Assistance Program website ( and return it to your county elections office by mail, fax or email.
  • If you're using the FPCA to register to vote, it must be submitted by the voter registration deadline to participate in any particular election.
  • Click here for additional information

Voting Options in South Carolina

You have the following 3 options to vote in South Carolina:

In Person

You will be asked to show one of the following Photo IDs on Election Day

Click here to locate voting locations

Voting provisional

You are entitled to cast a provisional ballot

Click here to download the provisional ballot request Form

Voting By Absentee Ballot

Qualified voters can vote absentee in person or by mail

Click here to locate early voting locations

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